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Allied Movers - Best RatedPreparing to relocate and looking for the best moving company solutions? Explore reviews, prices, and tips when hiring Allied Movers.

If you are looking for a moving company to help you move out of your house, look no further!

Allied Van Lines is a quality, top-rated moving company that provides moving services all around the world. Allied movers also make an extra effort to cater to the needs of their customers. These are some of the reasons why we recommend Allied Van Lines as a moving company you should use.

To illustrate what kind of a moving company Allied Van Lines is, we are going to go over some of the specific services and benefits that Allied provides its customers.

Get ready to move on to better things!

Headquarters: Indiana
Parent organization: SIRVA
Founded: 1928
Subsidiaries: Allied International N.A., Inc., MORE

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Allied Movers Services

When it comes to moving services, there are few moving companies that provide as many options as Allied Van Lines. The services that Allied packers and movers provide include corporate relocation, full-service packaging, and fragile-only packaging. Unpacking and debris removal, loading and unloading, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and shipment tracking, are also Allied services.

Allied Movers ReviewAllied Movers Review

You should also know that Allied Van Lines partners with local moving company agents when performing a move. These agents, along with the occasional third party, will provide the bulk of the actual Allied moving services.

With Allied, you get the option of picking and choosing what services you want to use and pay for. While some of these services are included in the price of the move, others will cost you extra.

Allied Van Lines Cost

Each move costs a different amount with Allied Van Lines because each move is different. Thus, an Allied move from one house to another house only fifteen minutes away costs a lot less than an Allied move several hours away. It also costs less if you decide to do the packing yourself rather than pay to use all of Allied’s services.

The minimum payment for Allied’s basic services package that every customer must pay for to use costs around $550. If you want a small amount of packing assistance and are moving a moderate distance, you are likely to have to pay a few thousand dollars for your Allied Van Lines services. A long-distance move with the use of all of Allied’s services will cost several thousand dollars.

Unpacking boxesSteps You Need to Take to Have Allied Van Lines as Your Mover

To use Allied Van Lines as your moving company, you need to first research the local Allied Van Lines agents. You should then pick Allied agents that you trust to help with your move based on the agents’ reviews.

Next, you will need to schedule an in-home estimate online or over the phone. During your in-home estimate, an Allied personal relocation assistant will go through your home and take an inventory of things that you need to move.

Many customers have mentioned in their Allied movers review how helpful the Allied relocation personal assistant was. They claim the Allied relocation personal assistant answered their questions. These assistants also helped customers better understand what to expect from the Allied moving process.

Your Allied in-home relocation assistant will go over the different Allied moving packages with you. Once your visit with your relocation personal assistant is complete, you will pick which Allied packing service you want to use. You must then get ready for the move to begin.

Allied Van Lines Packing Services

There are three main Allied Van Lines packing services to choose from. These packing services include full-service packing, fragile-only packing, and DIY packing.

Fragile-only packing services are for those that want to do the majority of their packing on their own but want some assistance packing their more fragile possessions.

With both fragile-only and full-service packing, you are charged for the time it takes to pack your items and the type and number of Allied Van Lines boxes you use. With DIY packing, you only pay to use Allied’s boxes and supplies while you do all the actual packing yourself.

Specialty packing and moving services include building custom crates and disconnecting and reconnecting your appliances for you. These services are offered at Allied Van Lines at an affordable cost.

Allied Movers Truck

Allied Van Lines Insurance Protection Policies

Allied customers often discuss the company’s superb insurance protection policies. Allied offers all of its customer’s basic liability coverage of $0.60 per pound, per item.

This is for any loss or damages your items receive during your move. Allied also offers Extra Care Protection (ECP) insurance for those that are willing to pay for it.

Allied’s ECP coverage is $0.80 per $100 worth of coverage. This ECP coverage plan is with a minimum of $5.00 worth of coverage for every pound of your shipping items’ weight. Thus, a 10,000-pound move is worth $50,000 of coverage.

Make note that, regardless of each item’s weight, Allied’s Extra Care Protection covers the total value of your possessions.

Allied Movers - Best Moving Company Award

Allied Van Lines Reputation and Ratings

One of the reasons we recommend using Allied Van Lines for your move because they have highly rated reviews. Allied Van Lines also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Allied Van Lines has also received a Women’s Choice Award 3 years in a row. Women across America decide the recipient of this particular Women’s Choice Award through a national survey.

In this survey, women decide which moving company is their favorite and which moving company they would recommend for others to use. Thus, you should feel in good hands when using Allied Van Lines as your moving company.

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Allied Movers Review – What’s So Great About Allied Movers?

Allied Movers has been around for years and has established a name that’s synonymous with quality moving services. Their reputation is well known throughout the UK and has grown over the years and has even extended to the US.

They have moved thousands of people all over the UK from one home to another. They can also provide packing, loading and unloading services for those who need help in these aspects of the moving process.

Moving day is a long time coming and many people dread it. If you find yourself dreading your next move or even having to move for the first time then there are companies like this in your local area. Allied Movers can offer services at affordable prices so you can save money and worry about making the right move for your family.

You may feel uneasy about moving across the country or overseas. There are many ways you can make it easier. Allied Movers will take care of everything and move your items quickly and smoothly to where you need them to go. This is just one of the benefits they provide.

Allied Movers has been in business for years so they know what they are doing and how to pack and load the equipment correctly. They offer expert packing and loading and unloading services for you. Moving can be stressful enough without worrying about packing and loading and unloading the items. If you do these things correctly the whole move will be a breeze.

In addition to the packing and loading and unloading of your items moving can be very time-consuming. This is where you can rest easy knowing that your Allied Movers professional team will make moving as painless and stress-free as possible.

The company has helped thousands of customers move their things over the years and can provide you with all of the details on how to do it yourself so you don’t have to call Allied Movers and hire someone else to do it for you. They know all the ins and outs of moving and are able to move items from one location to the other safely and easily.

If you are planning on relocating overseas or across town or country then you should make sure you find out more about Allied Movers. service to see if they meet your moving needs.

You should consider how you can benefit from a moving company because you never know when you will need moving services and there are many moving companies you could choose from. But you want to make sure that they offer good value for your money.

If you want to know more about moving there is plenty of information on the Internet. Find a moving site that suits your needs and search for information on them online. You can read reviews and testimonials and you may even see pictures of other customers moving with these same companies.

These customer testimonials will give you an insight into the quality of services and they will help you decide if Allied Movers is worth hiring or not. If the information on their website is unclear or they seem to put little value on your time or money then you need to check out another moving company. Look for customer reviews on this company before you commit.

If the customer reviews are positive and the price seems reasonable then they will make you feel confident that the person or company you are hiring has good experience and can handle your moving needs. It will make it easier for you to choose a moving company that meets your moving needs. Allied Movers is able to offer you everything you need to make moving as simple and easy as possible.

If the customer testimonials are negative, you will not want to work with them. Just because the cost is low does not mean that the moving company will be less reputable or reliable.