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3 Men Movers

6853 Southwest Fwy
Houston, TX 77074

TxDMV No. 000534796B USDOT No. 1914113

All My Sons Moving & Storage

9550 W Wingfoot Rd
Houston, TX 77041

TxDMV No. 006724534C

Student Movers

8630 Lipan Rd
Houston, TX 77063

TxDMV No. 000556730B USDOT No. 188352



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Ameritex Movers

9200 W Sam Houston Pkwy S
Houston, TX 77099

TXDMV No. 006217022C

Nationwide Movers

1345 N Shepherd Dr
Houston, TX 77008

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Roadrunner Moving & Storage

12425 Chimney Rock Rd
Houston, TX 77035

Two Men and a Truck

7935-B Wright Rd, Houston, TX 77041
TX DMV: 006889533C

Pack It Movers Houston

12805 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77077

USDoT #2479437 | DMV #006791503C

Betton Moving Company

11999 Katy Fwy #503
Houston, TX 77079

TX DOT #: 006340251C

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How Much Does A Houston, TX Moving Company Cost?

If moving within the Houston area your move will cost between $71/Hour – $83 per hour. Out-of-state moves will cost $4,815 – $8,018. The price is largely driven amount of furniture moved and the distance you are relocating.

Will Houston Movers Move Guns & Ammunition?

Moving companies can pack guns, but can not pack ammunition. Many people in Houston have purchased firearms from companies like Lone Star Defense & Arms or Full Armor Gun Range and moving companies can move them at no additional cost.  Learn more about what moving companies can transport. 

Will Houston Moving Companies Move Alcohol?

Yes. From beer to whiskey to wine, movers in Houston can move your alcoholic beverages.

Can Houston Moving Companies Transport Cars?

Yes. Maybe you just bought a car from Lone Star Chevrolet or Joe Myers Ford and want it transported. No problem. Your movers can do that too.

Will Moving Companies in Houston Move Plants?

Yes. If you purchased plants from places like Cornelious Nursery or Houston Plants, Garden World, or even if you grew them yourself, your moving company can safely transport all types of plants.

Will Home Movers in Houston Pack Your Stuff?

Yes. In most cases, Houston movers can pack your stuff for you. Companies offering these services include Hercules Movers & Packers and others. Be sure and ask if this service is available from the moving company.

Will Moving Companies Store Your Stuff in a Houston Storage Unit?

Varies. Some moving companies in Houston store your belongings at places like Storage Choice, Proguard Self Storage, or Extra Space Storage. To find a company that can store you’re your stuff place describe your needs below and we’ll get you connected with the best-qualified movers in Houston.

The average Home Price in Houston is approximately $258,000

Local Neighborhoods in Houston

Alie, Cloverleaf, Harrisburg – Manchester, Hedwig Village, Hunters Creek Village, Piney Point, Sharpstown, Southside Place, Spring Valley, West University Place

Attractions and Things to do in Houston

Space Center Houston | Museum of Fine Arts | Downtown Aquarium | Wet’n’Wild Splash Town | Beer Can House

Helpful Resources

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The City of Houston Website

If you’re looking for Houston, TX nationwide movers, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. There are many mover options, all claiming to be the best.

houston tx nationwide

What to Look for in a Houston, TX Nationwide Moving Company

The first thing to do when finding the best nationwide moving company in Houston is to ask for recommendations. Your friends and family might have suggestions on companies they used before.

You can also check online review sites for more suggestions. Companies with high online ratings are generally reliable choices.

Other important things to look for when choosing a moving company include:

  • Proper licensing and insurance
  • A good track record
  • Obvious price points
  • Friendly customer service representatives
  • Experienced moving staff

If a company has all these things, you should feel confident in choosing them for your move. Research the company before booking them to be sure.

Packing Advice for Your Big Move

move across the nation requires more efficient packing than moving to the next town. In most cases, everything needs to be packed and moved in one go.

The best packing advice is to pack in one room at a time. When you’ve finished packing that room, take one last look to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything. Label each box with the name of the room it came from for easier unpacking.

Invest in quality packing supplies. Use boxes in only one or two different sizes. They’ll fit better in your moving van this way.

You should pack fragile items in bubble wrap to avoid breakage during the move. Mark the box as fragile, so movers know to be extra careful when handling it. Add extra bubble wrap or newspaper in the box to further protect items.

How You Can Make the Move Less Stressful

If you want to take the stress out of your big move, plan it in detail as far in advance as possible. Nothing is more stressful than a last-minute move.

A few things you should do at least two weeks in advance whenever possible are:

  • Hire the moving company
  • Arrange for cleaning of both your new and old home
  • Order the appropriate packing supplies
  • Have a childcare plan in place for packing, if necessary

Creating a checklist can be a big help. On your checklist, you should include the rooms needing to be packed. Try listing them in the order you want them packed for the greatest efficiency.

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It can feel overwhelming choosing a Houston, TX nationwide moving company. Thankfully, advanced planning and careful research can make the task significantly more manageable.

Do you have more questions about Houston, TX nationwide movers? Or, do you want a free quote for nationwide movers?

Contact us today. One of our associates would be happy to answer any questions you still have. Or, you can get a free quote directly from our website if desired.

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