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One of the keys to a highly successful office move is to reduce the amount of downtime that your company has as much as possible. This is something that the best office moving companies can offer your company when you move to your new office space.

If you’ve never hired a commercial moving company to move you between different offices, you might find that there are some differences between corporate movers and the kinds of movers you may have encountered when moving between homes. Some of the concerns specific to office moving include:

  • Costs specific to office moving
  • How office furniture, documents, and equipment gets packed
  • Insuring office goods during a move

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How Much does a Commercial Office Moving Company Cost?

This question simply can’t have a boilerplate answer because of the many different variables that go into computing the quote that will be provided by any reputable business moving services.

That said, there are some key predictors that can help you guess if your quote is going to move up. Any of these items are direct contributors to the total cost of your move:

  • The amount of furniture you have in your office that you need moved
  • How difficult it is to move goods in and out of your office (and into your new one)
  • How far your new office is located from the old one
  • If you require the moving company to handle assembly or disassembly of your office furniture (desks, cubicles etc).
  • If you have special equipment that has specialized packing needs
  • If you need oversized or overweight equipment moved

Will Moving Companies Pack Your Office for You?

In short, yes, there are moving companies that can pack your office for you. If you see any office moving companies advertising “full service” or a similarly worded option, it means that they can take care of every single part of the move for you.

This goes well beyond simply putting your computers and telephones into boxes. Office moving companies are extremely experienced at the tear-down and reassembly of entire, large offices. This means that they can assist with things like disassembling all of your office furniture to make it easier to move and pack. Then, they can also help put everything back together again once the shipment makes it to your new office.

When packing an office with a lot of technical equipment, having a moving company can be a huge asset. They will label and bundle everything so that all of the appropriate cables, phones, computers, and other pieces of equipment stay together. This makes getting back up and running at the new office run much more smoothly than simply throwing everything in the back of a trailer and then trying to get re-established at your new property.

Are My Computers, Phones, and Office Property Insured by Office Moving Companies?

Most moving companies provide a certain amount of coverage to protect you in the event that any of your belongings are damaged during a move. However, when operating a business, it is important to consider the cost of downtime, and the costs of damage to expensive or difficult to replace equipment.

Because these costs can extend far beyond the value of a given piece of material goods, it is often beyond the scope of the valuation coverage that is provided by the moving company. Have your legal or insurance professional read over the coverage that is provided by the moving company. If this is deemed to be insufficient, you may want to speak to an independent broker in order to get supplemental coverage.

This is especially important in the case of moves that involve equipment that is far more valuable than the typical computers and office desks that are seen in office moves. The basic coverage provided by moving companies will not cover a lot of things like manufacturing equipment for example, and you may need to get special coverage to ensure those types of goods are protected when being moved to a new facility.

Tips for a Successful Office Move

Commercial office moves can certainly be stressful, but there are a few things you can do to make sure the process is as painless as possible. Keep these guidelines in mind the next time you need to utilize business moving services to relocate your company.

  • Have a representative come to your office as soon as possible. Meeting with representatives from prospective office furniture moving companies on your site can ensure that they provide you with an accurate quote, and that they are up to date on the special requirements that you might have for moving your office.
  • Ensure that you coordinate access to elevators, stairwells, loading docks and other access points in both the office you are moving out of, and the office you are moving in to, in order to avoid creating conflicts with other tenants.
  • Discuss the move with your staff well in advance. There are many things that your team can do to help your industrial office movers have an easier time when packing up and shipping your goods.
  • Schedule managers to stay on site during the move, especially if you can’t be there yourself throughout the entire process. Having a company representative on hand to answer questions at all times avoids misunderstandings and future problems.
  • Have a clear plan for how you want your new office established at the new location. Business moving services need to know exactly how and where you want your office set up at the new facility if they’re going to be able to get you back up and running in a minimum amount of time.
  • Focus on getting your technical equipment moved first, and have it unpacked as soon as possible. Restabilising IT infrastructure often takes more time than anticipated, and the sooner you can get your team working on that task, the sooner your office is back up and running.

Moving between offices can be difficult at the best of times. However, professional business moving services have encountered almost every difficulty that can arise in these situations. Their expertise can help ensure that these types of issues don’t cause unnecessary downtime or expenses for your firm when the time comes to relocate to a newer facility.

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