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When you’re trusting someone with your worldly treasures, you need to know they’ll do a good job. Here’s our review on Mayflower Moving.

Moving can be stressful, and the last thing you want to worry about is the moving company you’ve chosen making it harder. I mean, we’re talking about your belongings here. It’s important that you trust the people who are going to be handling them.

You may have heard of Mayflower moving in your search for the perfect moving company, but aren’t sure whether you can trust them or not. Fear not, because I’m here to tell you exactly why you can trust them from start to finish, and why Mayflower would be a great choice for anyone looking to move.

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Years of Experience

Mayflower moving was founded in 1927. That means they’ve got over 90 years of experience under their belt, longer than many moving companies on the market today. Mayflower has had a long time to build up their company culture, and will put up with nothing but the best from their employees to keep that reputation going.

You don’t stay in business for 90 plus years unless you’re doing something right.

mayflower moving truck

Lots of Services

Mayflower movers are a great moving company, and they offer a wide selection of resources and services to help with every step of the moving process. Their website is filled with everything you could ever need whether you’re a first-time mover or a veteran always on-the-go.

Mayflower offers international, long-distance moving services, has an easy quote-calculator on their site, and even moving checklists and tips on everything from packing to moving with pets. Few companies will give you as much in-depth help as Mayflower movers. You can even speak with an employee over video-chat to discuss quotes!

Check out this quote comparison tool to see how they stack up with other movers.

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Truck Tracker

One of the most helpful options that Mayflower gives their customers is the ability to track your truck as it’s moving your items. Simply put your order number into the website’s truck tracker software and see the progress of your items. This is extremely helpful for long-distance moves where you can’t be around every step of the way.

If you’re the kind of person who worries about losing your items during a move, you can rest easy knowing that you can check on them at any time.

Tons of Five-Star Reviews

When you’re looking to endorse anything, it’s always best to listen to the people who have experienced it first hand. With Mayflower movers, the people seem to agree that it’s a trustworthy company.

Internet reviewers are constantly praising Mayflower’s excellent and friendly drivers, the careful hands of the movers, and the reasonable costs of the company. From packing to moving, it seems hard to beat Mayflower’s impeccable employees.

mayflower moving 5 Star Review

Mayflower Moving: The Verdict

If you want to hire a moving company you can trust (and honestly, who doesn’t?) you won’t be disappointed with Mayflower moving. With industry experience and worldwide acclaim, Mayflower moving company will safely get your belongings from point A to point B.

For more on moving tips and finding the right mover for you, check out the rest of our website. Feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns.

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Mayflower Moving Review – Are They Reliable and Affordable?

First, overall, to be clear, Mayflower Moving is a great moving company and you should include them in your shopping process. These are some of the negative claimed experiences from various people.

If you are moving to a new home or just need to get your hands on some moving boxes for your personal storage, you should definitely read a Mayflower Moving Review. This review is written by Mayflower to let you know what services they offer and if it will fit your needs perfectly.

Mayflower provides a comprehensive range of both paid and free services to help you get the moving experience of a lifetime. In order to list some notable standouts, though, we first need to point out some notable flaws.

A few aspects of the Mayflower moving service are less than desirable. For one thing, the majority of their services are for single movers only. While this can be handy in smaller moves, it can be limiting when your relocation involves more than one person.

Some may find this restriction to be unnecessary. If you are moving in together, though, it can make things less convenient if one person cannot pack items in another person’s bags. This is where a moving company that specializes in group moves comes in handy.

It can also be somewhat frustrating when the customer service representatives of Mayflower do not have enough knowledge to answer your questions properly. There were several occasions when this happened to me, and I do not recommend using them for your move.

As a final note, I was rather disappointed with the pricing of their services, as well as how long the move would take. With a couple of people to move, I expected at least an hour to go by and the process to take less time than this.

It seems as though all of the pros and cons about Mayflower leave me wanting to see more of their services. If you are in the market for a moving company, though, you should consider moving with them. You can find out more information about them on their website, as well as read reviews from current customers. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other major movers, and their services come with a reasonable price tag.

While the negatives listed above do not mean that the moving service is a bad idea, they do leave me with more questions than I had before I made my decision. There are definitely better ways to go about moving than going through a company that doesn’t even provide free quotes and testimonials about the services they can offer. It would be in your best interest to read as many reviews as possible before making your final decision.

The moving quotes offered by the Mayflower moving service were pretty accurate for our move. The prices were fair and the time frame they recommended was reasonable. They gave us a good recommendation and gave us a guarantee that we would not regret the move.

Even with the negatives listed above, I think there is no way that I would choose to go through a company such as Mayflower over someone else. Their rates are considerably higher, but the moving service is so much more reliable. and experienced. The moving trucks are professional, too.

If you need someone to pack your bags and load your belongings into your new home, the moving company is definitely worth considering, but it is also worth looking around a little longer before you make your final decision. to get an estimate and compare rates.

The people who work at the Mayflower moving company were very nice and efficient and very helpful to work with. They have years of experience moving people’s belongings, and they were quick, efficient, and polite throughout the entire process.

At the end of the day, the best way to choose a moving service is to decide which is best for you. There are certainly better options than Mayflower in regards to cost, reliability, quality, and overall experience. When you find one, though, it will be worth the effort.