How Much Should I Tip Movers?

Determining Gratuity For Moving Companies

Should I tip my moving company? How much should I tip the movers ? We’ve got the answers here.

How Much do You Tip Movers?

Tipping is awkward in almost every professional setting where it has become expected, so we’re here today to take the mystery out of tipping in the moving industry. Movers work extremely hard, and like many other service industries, rely on tips to some extent to make their living. However, tipping moving companies doesn’t need to be compulsory, but instead should be looked on as a way to thank hardworking movers for exceptional service.

Tipping movers can easily be thought of in two different ways.

  1. You can choose to tip movers based on a percentage of your total bill
  2. You can choose to tip each individual mover that works on your move based on how long they’re working for you

Tipping Movers by a Percentage

If you choose to tip movers based on a percentage, it is safe to say that you could really choose to tip anywhere from 5%-20% of the total cost of your move, with 12% being in the average range.

So, for a small, local move, you would likely be looking at a tip of somewhere between $50 to $200 for a typical average tip. You’re free to tip more or less on this if you feel that is warranted based on the service that you’ve received.

Flat Tips Per-Mover

When you’re tipping your movers with a flat rate, it is important to consider how long they worked for you. Generally, it is easier to simply consider whether they worked closer to a half-day, or a full day, and use that to base your tip on. Calculating anything more specific than that amounts to splitting hairs.

$20 – $50 is a good flat rate to think about when tipping an individual mover. From there, it makes sense to increase the amount if the company goes above and beyond in any way, or if your move is particularly difficult.

When to Increase Your Tip to the Moving Company

Remember, that tipping shows appreciation for service. So, here are some situations where you might consider increasing your tip from the average typically paid out for the type of job you have had performed:

  • Did the movers move anything exceptionally difficult to move, such as a piano or large appliances?
  • Were there very difficult parts to the move, such as moving large items up very tight stairways
  • Were the working conditions particularly unpleasant, such as in inclement weather
  • Did the staff take extra care to make sure that your belongings arrived in perfect shape?
  • Was the staff courteous and polite?
Remember, Tipping Movers is an Option, not a Requirement

Tipping a moving company is not a part of your invoice. No moving company that is honest should require a tip as part of their fees. The only thing that you are obligated to pay is the bill that you receive for your move. Tipping should be looked at as a reward for good service. If you receive acceptable service, where nothing is broken and service is provided in a timely fashion, it would be good form to tip at least at the low end of the spectrum. However, if you receive rude or sub-par service, there is no reason that you should feel obligated to provide a tip to a mover.

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