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Two Men And A Truck Review

Two Men And A Truck - Top MoversPreparing to relocate and looking for the best moving company solutions? Explore reviews, prices, and tips when hiring Two Men and a Truck.

Two Men and a Truck are one of the most trusted, well-known moving companies in America.

They provide customer service based on the “Grandma Rule”: treating everyone the way you would like to see your grandmother treated. Notably, the reviews from customers are generally positive but can vary somewhat depending on the franchise location.

Two Men and a Truck is a good company, but are they the right choice for your upcoming move?

Below is a review on what they offer.

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Two Men and a Truck Pros and Cons

There are a lot of good reasons to hire Two Men and a Truck for your next move. These include:

  • 300 franchises nationwide
  • Movers are background checked
  • Customer service personnel are friendly
  • Reviews are generally positive
  • Staging services for your home

But as with any company, there are also a couple of drawbacks:

  • Processor pricing online can be tricky
  • Some franchises may have a limited radius
  • No price matching guarantee

The cons are minor when compared to the pros. If availability, safety, and excellent customer service are what you’re after, they may be a good choice.

Two Men And A Truck - Best Moving Company

Pricing for Long-Distance Moves

With the Two Men and a Truck franchise model, getting prices for their services can be tricky.

As each franchise dictates how much they charge, there is no standardization for pricing. Because of this, pricing will vary greatly depending on where you live.

The majority of Two Men and a Truck franchises will charge by mileage and weight for moving anyone long distance. The distance you are traveling, as well as the weight of any shipments, will decide your price.

Here are some of the other factors that can contribute to cost:

  • Moving boxes over stairs
  • Distances from the door to the truck for loading and unloading items
  • The time taken to load and unload
  • Driving time

Two Men and a Truck also lets you choose between two delivery options: ValueFlex and expedited shipping.


ValueFlex is the cheaper option out of the two. However, with its price comes added time and decreased convenience.

With ValueFlex, items aren’t loaded onto a truck but rather into a large container. This container is then shipped on a trailer along with items belonging to other people. When the trailer gets to its destination, the local team from Two Men and a Truck will unload it at your new home.

Expedited Service

The expedited service involves having the team that put the items into a truck also drive the items to the next house and unload them.

Of course, the expedited service provides extra convenience and speed but can hike the price up considerably.

If your budget allows, you may want to go for the expedited service. This will ensure your items arrive undamaged and furniture and belongings are delivered much sooner. ValueFlex is still handy, however, for making moves more doable when money is tight.

Pricing for Local Moves

With local moving, two men and a truck will bill customers by the hour. Again, the franchise business model means the hourly rate will be different depending on where you are situated. The same pricing factors apply to local moves as they do to long-distance ones.

Because the same people that move the items onto the truck will drive it to the new location and unload it, there’s only one shipping option for local moves.

Two Men And A Truck Review

Getting Quotes

Two Men and a Truck will let you take a look at quotes online. However, you’ll have to speak with a company representative to get your final amount.

Starting off, you enter your name, phone number, email, and moving date. You will then be asked for an inventory that contains everything you wish to take with you.

Although this may not sound very interesting, their website includes a great interactive tool which makes it much more enjoyable. The tool lets you add rooms to the inventory and also select which furniture and appliances are in them.

They will also give you pointers on how to work out how many boxes you need for each room. After you finish the step, the company will have someone contact you in order to finalize the details of your move and give you a quote.

Two Men And A Truck - Employees

Some Things to Consider Before Moving

Regardless of who you hire to help you move, there are some pointers that we think are important when relocating.

two-men-and-truck logoOn your moving day, you should make sure anything that you or your family wish to use stays with you. Common items that people often overlook are toilet paper, snacks, phone chargers, changes of clothes, toothbrushes, and maybe toys for the kids.

When looking at the items you aren’t going to have on your person, it’s important to make sure everything has been packed up properly prior to moving.

It is a good idea to work out what days you wish to move well in advance. This way, you can block out the time and enable yourself to pack carefully and thoroughly without feeling stressed.

You should also take a look at the order in which you’ll be packing up your home. You can begin by packing up the room that is used the least and work your way up.

Two Men and a Truck Verdict

Two Men and a Truck offer thorough and comprehensive options for helping to pack up your home. While their franchising makes rates a bit uneven for customers, they can help you do a great job of moving house.

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