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OC Movers

2408 Florida St
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Best Orange County Movers – Monster

19232 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Elite Moving Services

18961 Gothard St
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Local, Commercial, International

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Golden West Moving

15671 Commerce Ln
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Moving. Packing. Storage
DOT # 771227 | CAL PUC- 190068

Movers Limited

15632 Product Ln
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Supplies. Storage.
California PUC# MTR0191372

Coast Valley Moving & Storage

602 Main St
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Interstate Moves. Residential. Storage. Corporate Relocation
MC 87113 USDOT 70719 | CA #T-144367

West Coast Relocation Moving

Huntington Beach, CA

Smooth Sailings Moving

Huntington Beach, CA

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How Much Does a Huntington Beach, CA Moving Company Cost?

If moving within the Huntington Beach area you move will cost between $77/Hour – $99/hour. Out-of-state moves will cost $7,775- $9,000. The cheapest price is largely driven amount of furniture moved, total rooms, and the distance you are relocating.

Will Huntington Beach Movers Move Guns & Ammunition?

Moving companies can pack guns, but are not permitted to pack ammunition or explosives. Find out more about what moving companies can and can’t transport.

Will Huntington Beach Moving Companies Move Alcohol?

Yes. From beer to whiskey to wine, movers in Huntington Beach can move your alcoholic beverages.

Can Huntington Beach Moving Companies Transport Cars?

Yes. Maybe you just bought a car or truck from a local dealership and want it transported. No problem. Your movers can do that too.

Will Moving Companies in Huntington Beach Move Plants?

Yes. If you purchased plants from a local nursery, or even if you grew them yourself, your moving company can safely transport all types of plants.

Will Home Movers in Huntington Beach Pack Your Stuff?

Yes. In most cases, Huntington Beach movers can pack your stuff for you. Companies offering these services include Golden West Moving, located at 15671 Commerce Ln, in Huntington Beach, CA. Be sure and confirm this service is available from the moving company.

Will Moving Companies Store Your Stuff in a Huntington Beach Storage Unit?

Varies. Some moving companies in Huntington Beach store your belongings in a local storage unit or in secure steel containers. To find a company that can store you’re your stuff place describe your needs below and we’ll get you connected with the best-qualified movers in Huntington Beach.

Moving to Huntington Beach?

Average Home Price in Huntington Beach is approximately $747,700

Popular Neighborhoods in Huntington Beach

Sunset Beach

Attractions and Things to do in Huntington Beach

H.B. Downtown, International Surfing Museum

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Zip Codes Served: 90740, 92646, 92647, 92648, 92649, 92683

Make the Right Decision When Hiring a Service

When you are moving from one place to another, you need to make sure that the move will be a smooth one, and that the company or person you hire will give you all the assistance you need. The best way to do this is to choose a company that provides services that include:

  •  Service that includes pick and drop. This is important because you should have a good time when it comes to relocating in this area. If your move has to take a while, you can always just call the company and request that they pick you up at your home.
  •  Service that involves packing and unpacking. You will be packing all your belongings to make sure that they are safe when they are brought into the new house. In addition, you should also have the ability to unpack your belongings at your destination.
  •  Service that includes packing. This involves packing all of your things so that they fit neatly in storage boxes or crates.
  •  Service that includes cleaning. If you do not want the dirt or debris from your belongings to be seen, then it is important that the company or person you hire knows how to clean them properly. Most companies will have the equipment needed to make the job easier for you. They will also have staff members that can help you with the cleaning process.


  • Compare Prices on Movers Service that includes helping with the transportation of the things you are relocating. If you are moving to an area where there is a high crime rate, then it is necessary for you to hire a company that can help you with these types of services. It can sometimes get a bit complicated to try to get everything in order if you are moving into a large city or even a small town. A company that helps with these things will have a much easier time since they are familiar with the places that you are moving into and where the population is.
  •  Service that includes transporting your belongings on the night of the move. If you do not want to have to worry about your belongings being left out in the elements, then having a company that makes sure that they are transported properly can be a huge plus.
  • The services listed above should be something that you look for when choosing a company to help you with a move. This type of service will ensure that you get the maximum value for your money. When choosing a company to help with a move, make sure that you choose a company that has the following qualities:
  • Service that provides detailed packing and shipping services. This service is important because it ensures that your items are packed properly so that they arrive safely at your new home.
  • Service that provides protection for the contents of your possessions. Having this service is important for two reasons:
  • It is a good way to make sure that your things are protected while you are away from home. – You never know what could happen while you are gone and you want to make sure that your belongings are protected. – It will make it easier to get back to your belongings once you have arrived.
  • It will make it easier to find your belongings once you return home. – When it comes to finding your belongings, it will be important to make sure that you know where they are located so that you can get them quickly if you need to. – You will want to make sure that your possessions are safe until you get them back home. – It is also important to make it easy to locate the ones that you may need while you are on vacation.