You’ve done all of your homework. You’ve spent many hours and late nights creating a checklist that will ensure you don’t forget anything on moving day. Then moving day comes and, wouldn’t you know it… there’s one thing that you forgot to do before moving day commenced.

These things happen all the time, so don’t beat yourself up. In all the hoopla that surrounds moving day, it’s easy to overlook a few lesser elements of a quality move.

See below for an in-depth checklist of things that you should remember so that you lessen the chance of forgetting them on moving day.

1. Moving Company

We know how it goes. Shortly after closing on a new home or sending in a lease agreement for a new apartment, you “put out some feelers” for how much a professional moving company might cost.

The initial cost of some of these moving companies might seem overwhelming, so you tell yourself that you’ll “circle back on it” in the next few days. More likely than not, you’ll forget to circle back on it and moving day will arrive sooner than you expected, leaving you and your family to pack up everything, lift everything, transport everything, and unload it all… Do you expect that to happen without any errors?

Of course, not. That’s why hiring professional moving companies is so important. they can help you lessen the burden of moving day.

Instead of trying to entice inexperienced loved ones to help you with a free pizza, you can get experienced and knowledgeable movers that can turn a day-long or weekend-long process into a few hours.

Better yet, the professional movers will fit perfectly within your budget. Using, you can quickly search by specialty, location, or buyer’s advice and get quotes within seconds. We can help with both local and long-distance moves.

2. Create a Budget

Speaking of your moving budget… do you have one? Most people never take the time to create a budget for their move, and thus put unnecessary stress on moving day.

Instead of putting a plan together, customers look at the price of professional movers and think, “Oh, I could never afford that.” We’re willing to bet that you can—if you take the time to budget.

Interesting fact: many people consider moving to be one of the most stressful life events; more stressful than a divorce or getting married. A big reason for that is the setback it can provide for your finances.

A budget can help you regulate your spending. It will give you a real sense of where your money needs to be allocated for an effective move while ensuring that you come out of it in the green.

It also helps you prioritize your spending. For example, when doing your budget, you will find that searching for a moving company through is cheaper than trying to pay for a moving truck, the gas for that truck, and all the hidden fees they put off until after the move.

3. Those Awkward Items

When you go to reserve some professional movers for moving day, it’s important to take stock of all the items that you have.

If all that you tell them is that you have a moderate amount of stuff, then they may arrive on the day off without the proper equipment to move expensive and abnormally-shaped items. Such items include:

  • Pianos
  • Televisions
  • Sculptures
  • Large Paintings
  • Fish Tanks
  • Plants
  • Vehicles
  • Fragile Items

The list goes on and on. If you can, schedule a time for the moving company to visit your property and take a hard look at the items you need to be moved. That will ensure that they have the equipment for the job, as well as give them the ability to create an accurate quote.

If you wish to avoid moving these objects, you might consider selling them before the big day. It will help you avoid a higher quote as well as make a little extra cash for the move!

4. Keep Pets Out of the Way

Moving day isn’t just stressful for humans; it can be an extremely horrifying day for pets, especially cats and dogs. With all of the running around that moving day will cause, you’ll want to ensure that your pets are out of harm’s way.

We recommend familiarizing your animals with the new property before moving day, if possible. It can lessen the stress they might experience.

For moving day specifically, take your pets over to a loved one’s house until everything is moved from your old place to your new one.

5. Switch Out the Utilities

Imagine the horror of your professional movers unloading your belongings in your new property, only to remember that you forgot to turn on the electricity at your new place.

In all the hubbub of the moving process, it’s easy to forget to schedule your utilities to be turned off/on, so be sure to place it on your pre-moving day checklist.

The utilities that you’ll need to turn on depending on the place. Make sure you have a firm understanding of whether the new location uses gas or if they’re entirely electric.

Complete All These Tasks Before Moving Day

Now that you have seen an in-depth moving day list to ensure you don’t forget anything, be sure to knock out all of these tasks right away.

Take the time to visit this page for more information on moving tips and tricks that you can take advantage of. Kickstart this entire process by finding professional movers through our site!

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