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How To Move Pets | Tips For Moving Dogs And Cats Across Country

Relocating Dogs and CatsAre you moving across the county and need a pet relocation service? Wondering how much it cost to move dogs, cats, fish, etc? Making things a little easier with these tips on how to move pets.

Moving to a new place is super-exciting and stressful, and it’s even more-so when you’re moving long-distance with pets in tow.

If you’ve got some furry friends that are coming along for the ride, there are several things you can do to make the experience better for everyone.

Read on to learn more about how to move pets with ease so that your furbabies will get to their new destination with very few issues.

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Keep Pets Away While Packing

Packing and boxing up your things is a hectic process, and it’s even more stressful when you’re worried about your pets. Moving furniture and boxing items can cause your pets to feel stressed and confused.

When you’re busy boxing up your stuff, you’ll have to step over your curious pets, which can make the process take longer. Some pets can get spooked when they see things moving around, or they could try to escape out of a propped-open door.

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To avoid these concerns, consider having someone “babysit” your pets while you box things up and load the moving truck. Ask a trusted friend or family member to watch your pets for you while you prepare to pack and load. You can also look for a “doggie daycare” that can keep an eye on your pets for just a day or two.

If you don’t have anyone who can watch your pets, consider confining them to one room. Give them some of their favorite toys along with a bowl of food and water and they can wait it out while you pack everything in other parts of the home. Keep the door closed until everything is done and secure.

Pack Your Pets’ Things with You

Whether it’s a favorite toy or a soft blanket, your cats and dogs feel comfort in familiarity. Instead of packing away your pet’s favorite stuff, bring it with you during the move.

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If your pet has access to something they recognize, it can keep them calm. Don’t wash blankets and toys before the move, since your dog or cat relies on the scent to give them a sense of comfort.

You don’t have to bring every single thing your pet loves with you. As long as you carry along a few of their most beloved items, they will have something near to them that can produce a calming effect.

When you do pack your pets’ stuff, make it the last thing on your list. If you box up Fido’s blankie too early, he may start to feel upset and stressed before he has to.

Place the familiar things you take with you inside your pet’s carrier so they can be close to it. This will create a sense of calm as you travel throughout your long-distance move.

Dog MoverCreate a Pet Care Kit

When you think about how to move pets, you can’t forget the things they need the most. Plan ahead and create a list of all the things your pet will need throughout the moving process.

This pet care kit should include things like their medication, leashes, and food and water bowls. For cats, bring their carrier along and never let your cat roam around the truck or car while you’re driving.

Other items you should pack in your kit include litter, extra blankets, and treats. Reward your pet as you move with a yummy treat to give them some positive reinforcement.

Depending on how long your move should take, pack grooming brushes and clippers with you, too. Pet shampoo might also be a good idea just in case your furry friend rolls around in the mud at the rest stop.

How to Move Pets and Travel Safely

Unless you’re all traveling by airplane, you’re likely driving to your new destination. When you move with pets, it’s imperative that they are secure and safe as you drive.

Use a carrier whenever you can, and keep it secure using a seatbelt. If your dog is too large for a carrier, you can still keep them securely in the car using special pet harnesses.

You never know when an accident may occur, so it’s crucial to make sure that your pets are traveling safely. Try to give them plenty of room in the car whenever possible so they don’t feel cramped or scared.

Another safety tip? Let your veterinarian know in advance that you’re moving and ask for a copy of your pet’s health records. This information can be extremely helpful if your pet ends up with a medical emergency.

Program a few emergency vet contact numbers into your phone just in case you need to take your pet to the vet while you’re on the road. These simple safety precautions will give you peace of mind and ensure that you’re prepared in case something goes wrong.

Make Moving with Your Pets Simple

A long-distance move is a huge change, and it’s especially hard on your beloved pets. Use these tips for how to move pets so you can be ready for whatever comes your way.

Keep your pet calm with their favorite blankets and toys, and make sure they’re out of the way while you pack up for your move. With some easy planning, your next move will be a pleasant one, even with pets in tow.

Moving Fish and Fishtanks?

May movers can help you relocate fish and fishtanks with a few simple steps.

  1. Moving Fish and Fish TanksPlace your fish in individual plastic bags.
  2. Relocate the fish in large buckets.
  3. Placing fish in a secure containers.
  4. Transport the aquarium if it is not too large.
  5. Transport exotic fish in an insulated containers.
  6. Purchasing large containers.

It’s generally best move fish in large five-gallon buckets when moving more than 150 miles. Movers should fill large buckets about halfway with water and then use a net to scoop fish into the container (separate the aggressive fish like piranhas).

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