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How to Prepare for an International Move

Are you preparing to move out of the country? Follow this guide for everything from packing tips to finding international moving companies.

An estimated nine million Americans have said goodbye to the USA and moved abroad. If they can do it, you can too! But before you take the leap, there are some things to keep in mind.

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You need to know what to pack and which international moving companies to use. You’ve got to know how you’re going to get there and what to do once you arrive.

Simply said, moving abroad takes planning. So start with these tips and effectively prepare for your move.

1-Do Not Rush Your Move

There’s something dreamy about packing a suitcase and jetting abroad on a whim. But if you’ve got a family, a mortgage, and a career to think about, it’s best to take things a little slower. When you’ve decided to move abroad, make a plan.

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Determine your ideal moving date and work backward. Will you be able to get everything ready before then? If you have to sell your house or find a job in your new country, push back your moving date.

2-Sell What You Don’t Need

You may look around your house and get the urge to keep everything. After all, you’re already giving up so much by relocating. Can’t you at least keep your treasured possessions?

But think about where you’re moving to. The style or amount of furniture you own may not be appropriate for your new space. Consider giving yourself the option of redecorating once you’re there.

Then, once you’ve sold what you don’t need, hire movers to take the rest.

3-Find the Right Shipper

As early as you can, put money away for your long-distance move. Statewide movers and even cross-country moving companies can charge steep prices. But the best moving companies will give you options.

What helps is having time to find the right company. If you’re rushed, you’re more likely to settle for a more expensive option. Look around and give yourself space to decide what you can and can’t afford.

4-Keep Your Bank Account

One of the best moving tips for expats is to keep the bank account they have in their home country. You don’t want to take all your savings with you to your new country.

Exchanging large sums of money can bring additional fees. Plus, having money in your home bank account helps when you go back to visit or if you decide to repatriate.

5-Sort Out Work and Accommodation

An international move can be stressful, so try to get as many things lined up as you can before you move. This includes finding work and accommodation.

Nothing can make you panic like not knowing where you’re going to live or how you’re going to make a living overseas. Sort these pieces out before you book your tickets or contact your long-distance movers.

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The last thing you want to worry about during a move is whether your possessions are going to make it over in one piece. Finding the right international moving companies will take that stress off your shoulders. Before you settle, make sure you’ve looked into all your options.

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