Tips for Finding Reliable Long Distance and Local Moving Services

local moving services

In 2021, 27.1 million Americans moved, accounting for 8.4 percent of the population, and it would be a miracle if all of them went smoothly. In addition, there are approximately 7,000 moving companies to choose from.

However, not every moving company is trustworthy, and they can make your relocation even more stressful.

Worse, shady local moving services are available on the market, waiting for you to contact them before scamming you. Or they lack the necessary experience, knowledge, and health coverage to make your move safe and simple. You shouldn’t have to deal with this when moving into your new home.


So, how do you go about finding the best moving company? Here are tips for finding reliable long-distance and local moving services.


When you’re relocating from one state to another, your movers must be certified by the federal government. This means they should be assigned a professional transportation number.

Local moving experts have different licensing requirements. Call the state moving association and check your potential mover’s license and other related requirements.

Estimates and Costs

When looking for a moving company, you shouldn’t just look for one offering quotations. Select the company offering an in-home estimate. This means that the experts must be willing to come to your place to have an idea of what you have and then offer a reliable quote.

Advantages of Long Distance Moving Services

You should also get multiple quotes and compare them. Identify what makes one moving company charge different from the other.

From their visit to your home, they’ll be able to identify any obstacles to your move. Such challenges include accessing your location and how to come up with a solution.

Whenever you get a quotation from professional movers, make sure they do it in writing. With this, you’ll avoid being a victim of fraud.

Your budget will always be a concern when moving to a new place. If your money is the main factor in your move, then you’ll have to look for a company with a lower estimate.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that cheap isn’t always good. Sometimes, it is worth hiring a reputable company whose charges are a bit higher to get quality services.

Recommendations and Reviews

Almost everyone has moved at least once or twice in their life. So start by asking for referrals from your relatives and friends. Ask them about their experience in their recent move.

5 Start Reviews

Find out about the customer services and how professional the movers were. Ask them about the costs and if there were any hidden costs when dealing with the experts.

Only choose a referred company if your loved ones enjoyed working with them and would consider hiring them in the future when the need arises.

Before hiring a moving company, visit their website and go through the testimonials. What do previous clients say about their services?

You can also check reviews from Better Business Bureau. Here you’ll get reliable and genuine reviews from their past clients. The focus needs to be on selecting movers with the most positive reviews from their previous clients.



Do you only require basic moving services like loading, unloading, packing, transportation, or more?

Identify what you require the movers to do for you, then confirm with them about the availability of the services. If you need them to help with the packing, ensure it is included in the estimate and doesn’t come as an extra hidden fee.

Confirm with the movers about their services since different companies offer different packages. If you require other services such as storage, shuttle services, crating, and car or boat transit, you have to ask them to avoid last-minute inconveniences.

You’ll make your move easier when you opt for experts offering various moving services.

Be Cautious With Large Deposits

Movers shouldn’t require a deposit of more than 20% of the estimated price of the move. Most genuine companies won’t need any payment until they have done the work.

Once you pay in advance, there’s no control over what might happen to your belongings.


Whether you are looking for a long or short distance, it’s best to find movers who have experience. If you want to move on the long-distance, you’ll realize that few firms offer this service.

If you come across a company offering long-distance moving services, talk to them and learn more about their experience.

Long-distance requires experience mostly because there’s more that goes on compared to the short distance. For long-distance moving, expertise and skill are needed. You need to deal with a company that can execute a safe and smooth move.

To learn more about their long-distance moving experience, don’t only rely on the listings on their website. Ask them to provide contacts of the previous customer. Call one or two of their previous clients and confirm with them.


Every moving company is expected to assume liability for the value of items they carry. So, if your potential company doesn’t offer insured services, don’t use them.

Working with a moving company that ensures their services guarantee your goods’ safety. If any of your properties get lost, damaged, or destroyed while in the custody of the movers, they’ll have to either take care of the damages or compensate you with new ones.

Hire the Best Local Moving Services Today

You’ll end up with a highly credible moving company for your local and long-distance move if you follow all of the tips presented above. Also, remember to believe in yourself, and you’ll make the right selection.

Keep all of the important details in mind: references, reviews, insurance, and a thorough reading of the paperwork. Following these steps will relieve you of a lot of stress during your long-distance move!

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