How Much Do Movers Cost for a 3 Bedroom House?

Moving Truck With FurnitureDIY or Hire a mover? Here’s the cost breakdown to move a 3 bedroom house.

You just closed in on a new house! Looks like you are going to be moving. You live in a 3 bedroom house now, so you have a large number of possessions.

Because of the number of possessions you have, you decided to invest in a moving company. The only problem is that you are on a budget and are worried about the cost to move a house with a moving company.

Before you panic about the time and money that moving entails, we are giving you details on how much it will cost to move out of a 3 bedroom house.

Get ready to move!

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Cost of Moving Out of a 3 Bedroom House by Yourself

Calculate Moving CostHow much does it cost to move a house? Well, it depends on the size of the house and the type of move you choose to make.

If you really want to save money while moving out of your 3 bedroom house, you could do all the moving by yourself. To move by yourself, you will first need to rent a U-Haul or some other sort of large truck.

A 20’ U-Haul costs anywhere from $20 – $39.95 per day, plus the cost of gas and $0.99 per mile traveled. Once you pay to rent a U-Haul or truck, you will pack up all your possessions by yourself. You will also drive the truck by yourself to your new place.

You will then unpack all your belongings without the assistance of professional movers.

Although this way of moving puts more work on yourself, it could save you some money. Just make sure to not let moving costs unknowingly rise as you do everything on your own. How can costs rise if you are doing everything yourself, you might ask?

Well, when you factor in the cost of purchasing value protection insurance for your belongings, the cost of gas, the cost of renting a truck, and whatever the cost is to buy packing supplies, it is not that hard for things to add up.

In fact, purchasing packing supplies like cardboard boxes, tape, and wrapping paper can cost $300 or more.

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Cost of Utilizing Movers to Move Locally

It is important to note that regardless of the type of moving service you use, your moving costs will vary based on if you are moving locally or long distance. Longer distance moves tend to cost more. This is because the longer the distance of your move, the more gas you will have to pay, and the longer the hours the movers will have to work.

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Movers consider a move local if it is under 100 miles. Because the distance of a local move is so short, movers charge by the hour. For example, the typical cost of a local move under 100 miles is $80 – $100 per hour.

It is important to have a general knowledge of the cost of a local move since most people in the United States move locally. In fact, research shows that 57% of people who sell their homes and buy new ones are moving within the same city. Research goes on to further show that 86% of people who sell their homes and buy new ones are moving within the same state.

Outside of distance, other things that influence the cost to move a house are the size of your former house and the number of possessions, both heavy and light, that you own. The bigger the house and more possessions you own, the more hours it will take to move and the higher the moving costs.

When talking about a 3 bedroom house, moving out will take approximately 7 – 10 hours and cost $560 – $1,000. If moving out of your 3 bedroom house takes you 6 – 9 hours and 4 movers, it could even cost you $900 to more than $1300.

Cost of Utilizing Movers to Move Long Distance

Hidden Fees from MoversThe average cost of a long distance move that is over 100 miles is $2,000 to $5,000 per move. Movers determine the cost of a cross-country move by weight and distance.

Movers will determine your official moving weight by first weighing the empty truck and then weighing that same truck with all your possessions in it. The weight of the truck with all your boxes inside is your official weight.

When moving long distance, it is especially vital that you purchase insurance on your items and factor it into your total cost. For example, the average cost of moving an 8,000 pound 3 bedroom house 100 miles with assistance from movers and the insurance on your items is approximately $3800.

It is also important to note that the cost of moving a house that is long distance is $0.50 per pound per 200 miles and $20 more per move/hour when living in a large city.

Cost of a Partial Service Local/Long Distance Move

If you only partially use movers to move, it can save you money. For example, you can save money by choosing to pack and unpack your boxes by yourself. That way you only have to pay the movers for transporting the boxes to your new home.

You could also save money by only hiring movers to pack and unpack boxes for you. You will then have to drive and transport boxes to your new home by yourself. You could even save money by using your own vehicle rather than a rental truck while still having professional movers help pack and transport boxes.

Cost of a Full-Service Local/Long Distance Move

If you want to make moving that much easier on you, you can even invest in a full-service move. In a full-service move, the moving company will do everything from wrapping and packing to driving the truck to your new home and helping you unpack.

This is the most stress relieving option.

Keep in mind that the cost of a full-service move can go up if any extra charges are made. These extra charges can be a transportation surcharge, a special surcharge for large or fragile items, special charges for houses that have staircases or elevators, and more.

Which Type of Moving Service Should You Use?

Moving a 3 bedroom houseWhen deciding which service to move your 3 bedroom house with, you must consider your needs and wants. If you have many heavy pieces of furniture and items that you need help moving, then you may want to have a full-service move. If you have very little heavy furniture and appliances, then maybe it is best for you to move by yourself.

Another thing you must consider when deciding which type of moving service to use is your budget. Because you are moving out of a 3 bedroom house, the cost of moving everything by yourself will be on the higher side of things. As a result, it is vital that you calculate the approximate cost of each type of service before you commit to one.

Remember, if you are moving locally, you calculate the cost of service by the hour. If you are traveling a long distance, you calculate the cost of service by weight and distance. If you do not trust your own calculations, ask the moving company you’re using to give you a quote, or estimate of cost.

There are two types of estimates a moving company can give you. The first one is a non-binary estimate. This estimate is the moving company’s guess for what your bill will be.

The second is a not-to-exceed estimate. This estimate is when the moving company commits to not going over a given maximum price. When getting a quote from your moving company, make sure to ask for the not-to-exceed estimate.

Once you receive your estimate, decide which type of moving service you can afford to use. Also, decide which type of service makes the most sense for you to use. To get a free moving quote, go to the quotes page on our website.

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