Military Movers Guide

The Ultimate Military Moving Guide

Moving can be a hassle, especially if you are in the military. We’re here to help make the process easier with this ultimate military moving guide.

First, thank you for your service. You truly are awesome, and we appreciate all of you.

Do you serve in the United States Military? Military service is full of uncertainty in many ways.

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Not only will you face the uncertainty of danger, but there is also the possibility of relocation for you and your family. Interestingly, the US Armed Forces facilitate around 420,000 to 450,000 moves every year.

With the uncertainty that comes with military moving, soldiers go through different kinds of stress. The stress levels grow if soldiers already have families to bring with them.

Thus, the need to plan for your next move is crucial. To lessen the hassle, continue reading below for a comprehensive military moving guide.

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The Permanent Change of Station

Preparing for the military moving process begins the moment you receive your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. The PCS orders will indicate the details of your move from one duty station to a new one. Sometimes, the move can be from your final duty to your retirement or back to your home.

Another important thing to note when you receive your PCS orders is the timeline. You may encounter some delays in your transfer if you’re living in military housing. You may need to stay temporarily in a different house while waiting for your new housing to be ready.

Furthermore, you have a window of anywhere between 2 weeks and 5 months to report to your new housing. This means your time to prepare for the move varies.

When it comes to the moving expenses, the military will shoulder them. These moving costs include the shipment of goods and services, as well as your temporary lodging reimbursement.

They will also shoulder your travel expenses as well as the expenses of your dependents. Lastly, you need to collect all the receipts that you will encounter along the way. You will use all of them as you deal with a ton of paperwork.

Also, don’t forget to scout for some of the best moving companies that offer military moving services.

Know What to Keep and Discard

After working out the details of your PCS orders, you can now sort your stuff. The goal is to identify the ones you’re taking with you and the ones that you will discard.

The key to living the military life is to keep your personal belongings to the essentials. You don’t want to have excessive belongings that will only hassle your move.

To sort the things that you should bring, get three big boxes. Label each bag “for keep,” “for sell,” and “for trash,” respectively. From there, take all of your stuff out of every drawer, cabinet, or closet.


Start filling the “trash” box. As for the rest of the items, decide which ones you want to keep and bring to your new house. If you decide to hire military movers, you can temporarily store the “keep” box in one of your shelves or drawers until the day you move out.

As for the items for discarding, there are many options on how to go about them. After sorting these items, identify the ones that you can still sell or donate. These can be clothes that you didn’t get to wear the entire year.

If you have a child, you can donate some of his toys. Pick the ones that are no longer age-appropriate and donate them to charity.

Prep for the Move

Now that you have the items that you will bring, you can start with the actual preparations for the moving day. A good tip is to not fall into the temptation of packing the rest of your stuff. Instead, focus on the papers and documents that you need to bring with your transfer.

These include your bills, passport, and medical information. These are the papers that you will carry over as you continue with your life in your new abode.

Also, you need to prep your vehicle accordingly. Check the condition of the tires and the engine. You need to ensure that your vehicle is safe for that long drive.

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If you have children, you need to find them a new school. You also need to search for a new pediatrician and dentist.

Do you have lots of items hanging on your walls? Then you need to pull them all off. Pull out all the screws, bolts, and hangers. Get another box, label it “decorative items,” and transfer all your picture frames and other items from your wall.

When labeling your boxes, make sure to write the labels legibly. Indicate the ones that you don’t want the movers to touch. If you have any labeling requirements, instruct the movers carefully.

Mind Your Storage

When it comes to your items, you have the option to use self-storage before moving. This means transferring some of your items from your home into a storage unit. From there, you can transfer the items to your new home at a later date.

Using self-storage units is perfect for reducing clutter days before the move. It is also wise if you have certain tools that you rarely use but are valuable. These include your saws, drills, ladders, and power tools.

By renting a storage unit, you can keep these items safe until you are ready to move them to your new location.

Tips to Consider when Searching for Professional Movers

Last but not least, you need to learn how to choose the right movers to hire. For starters, look into the licenses and credentials of the movers. If a military moving company doesn’t have these to show for, cross them out of your list.

You also want to hire a company with insurance. This will guarantee the safety of the movers as well as your belongings.

Conduct your research by checking what the reviews say. Check with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.

Last but not least, make sure they offer realistic estimates. Find out what comes with their services. Go for the one that offers the best value for your money.

Let Us Find the Best Military Moving Solution For You

By understanding the essentials in military moving, you can prepare more effectively. You can also save more time and resources along the way. As for finding the best military moving company, we can help streamline your search.

Connect with us today and answer a few simple questions about your moving plans. Request and compare different quotes and find the best movers in no time.

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