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Moving by Yourself or Hiring Professional Movers: Which Is Right for You?

Moving house is expensive. You might think that you can save some money by not making use of professional movers and instead moving by yourself. Will you save money in the long run? Find Movers Now takes a look at both options to see which is right for you.

Over 14% of the United States population moves from their homes each year. Some move locally, while others go across the country or even abroad.

Among all of these millions of annual movers, there is one common question that unites them all: Should I move by myself or hire professionals?

Moving by yourself, meaning boxing all of your stuff up, loading everything into your car(s) and hauling everything to your new destination may seem like a good idea to some. Alternatively, hiring professionals can provide a heightened level of reliability and convenience others enjoy.

To help you better answer your question of should you move by yourself or hire professionals, we’ve put together this article to explore the pros and cons of each. Let’s get into it!

Moving by Yourself Pros

Moving by yourself is a popular option among movers, and why not? It offers a few great benefits.

We’ve taken the time to list out the top ones you’ll enjoy below.

Reduced Costs

If you move yourself, you’re going to save money. That’s because you won’t need to hire movers which means no paying for their expenses and time.

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Less Time Spent Filtering Through Moving Companies

Movers packing boxesIt seems like today there are more movers in the country than there are homes to be moved into. While that may be a bit of an overestimate, it does present an interesting quandary to people looking to hire movers.

How do you pick the right one?

You will save yourself time filtering through all of the moving companies near you by electing to move by yourself.

You Control Your Move

Some people just don’t like strangers rifling through their stuff. If you’re one of those people, you’re going to want to seriously consider moving by yourself.

When you move by yourself, you’ll be able to pack whatever you want, however you want in complete privacy.

Moving by Yourself Cons

Electing to forgo professional movers and handle your own moving operation is not without its drawbacks. Before going down this path, consider the following cons.

Lifting Heavy Objects

Lifting can be a big deterrent for people looking to manage a move. That’s because objects weighing over 50 pounds often require team lifting and special techniques to help ensure you’re not injured. It may also be that weights well below 50 pounds present challenges to certain movers.

If you’re managing your own move, you’ll likely need to employ the help of friends to manage your heavy furniture.


There is a lot of logistical planning that goes into moving a whole house from point A to point B. If you’re managing your own move, you’ll need to arrange for having vehicles capable of moving heavy weight, manage the stacking of boxes, spearhead circumventing adverse road conditions, and more.

Unexpected Problems

Having a professional mover is like having an insurance policy. If anything comes up that’s not planned, your movers will do whatever it takes to get your items to where they need to go.

If you’re on your own, you’ll be left needing to come up with solutions at the drop of a hat for moving problems you don’t have the experience to answer. This can be a very stressful position to put yourself in.

Hiring Professionals Pros

Professional Moving CompanyHiring professional movers is often the best choice for people looking to ensure everything goes well with their relocation and for those who value piece of mind. Below are hiring professional movers pros.


There’s no benefit greater than time when you hire professional movers. That’s because moving is extraordinarily time-consuming.

You’re better off investing yourself in taking care of other activities more important than hauling boxes.

Safety of Items

Professional movers have workflows that ensure your items get packed and moved in a way where they can almost guarantee their safe arrival. Can you say your moving/packing techniques can provide the same guarantee?

If you’re like most people, the answer is no.

If keeping your valuables in one piece and in your possession is important, hire professionals.

Less Stress

Moves are full of stress. If you’re stress prone, you can be sure you’ll have one or two near breakdowns if you’re the one in charge of packing up and relocating your home.

You can save yourself that mental anguish by investing in professional movers.

Moving Box on DollyHiring Moving Professionals Cons

There aren’t too many cons to hiring professional movers, but for some, you may want to consider the below.

Cost of Moving

Hiring people means spending more money. With that said, the savings you’ll get on the back end (time, assurance of your item’s safety, less stress and more) may be well worth the additional expense. You might be surprised at how much moving companies charge and how affordable it really is, but sometimes economics makes it better to do it yourself.

Less Flexibility

When you’re working with a team, you need to synchronize your schedules. That means your house has to be ready to get packed up on a certain date at a certain time.

That lack of flexibility means you can’t just start moving your stuff on a whim. On the flip side though, lack of flexibility forces you to get organized, which means a more streamlined moving experience.

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Wrapping up Moving Yourself or Hiring Professional Movers

If you’re moving, you may be considering moving by yourself vs hiring professional movers. While both options have pros and cons, if you want to invest in yourself and have peace of mind, you’ll probably want to leave your moving to the pros.

To that end, our team can help.

At Find Movers Now, we help people like you filter through thousands of companies to find the lowest prices on the best movers in the country.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose by getting a professional mover’s quote.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, and get your moving quote today!


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