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How To Save on Nationwide Movers in 2020

Long distance moving companies can be expensive,  so most people want to cut cost any way possible. Moving long distance can feel incredibly stressful. Have one less thing to worry about with these tips to save money on nationwide movers. Below are 3 tips to help you cut your moving costs by up to 35%.

The biggest advice we have is to get at least 3 quotes from movers in your area.

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Moving long distance is one of the most stressful events that you can have in your life. A move to another state is even worse. You’re literally uprooting your life and into a brand new place to start over.

On average, you move about 11 times in your lifetime.


One way to make moving less stressful is to hire movers. You may think of this as an expensive thing to do, but you should know that you can save on nationwide movers. Here’s our expert tips.

Tip #1. Get Several Quotes

Another way to save money is to contact several nationwide movers before settling on the right one.

You do need to be aware that there are movers that will try to rip you off. There are also movers that are reasonably priced and offer excellent service.

You need to exercise a lot of caution when shopping for movers. You should know that if a quote comes in much lower than the others, it may be too good to be true.

Rather than shop around for a mover on your own, you’ll want to use a site that’s done the work for you. You can enter your information once, and get quotes from reputable movers right away.

If you really want to save money, you can lower the quote by choosing to pack everything yourself. You’ll buy your own supplies and do the packing yourself. The only potential problem with that is that if something breaks, you’ll be responsible since you packed it yourself.

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Tip #2. Take What You Really Need

When you’ve lived in one space or a while, it’s really easy to collect things. The next thing you know, you have a lot of stuff.

The question then becomes whether or not you want to take all of that stuff with you. A lot of movers will charge you by weight and volume.

The more you can cut back and figure that you can replace in your new home, the more money you can save.

Moving also presents a great time to donate to local shops that can resell the items. It becomes a win-win situation.

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Tip #3. Move During the Slow Season

The moving industry operates on supply and demand. When demand is high and there aren’t that many movers on staff on hand, prices go up.

On the other hand, when demand is low, rates are also low. You can take advantage of this fact by timing your move during the slow season.

Yes, it’s better to move when the weather is nicer, but it’s nicer on your wallet to move during the winter.

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Save on Nationwide Movers

If you’re planning a big move in the near future, you’ll want to hire movers. It’s an expense that will save you time and take the stress out of the move.

You can find ways to save on nationwide movers. You can take only your most important items and you can time your move when it’s a slow season.

The best way to save money is to evaluate quotes from a range of reputable companies. Are you ready to get started? Get moving quotes today.

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How Do You Save on Nationwide Movers? Share your thoughts!

How do you save on long distance moving companies? Share it below.  Your opinion matters.

  1. When we were moving, we called on our family to help us move. my uncle and his family, and grandparents all came to help us move, saving us the cost of movers. Although, we did have to pay for the inevitable pizza party at the end of the day.

    • I don’t see a comment box so I’m just going to reply,

      One way to save MONEY, is to hire family members for a reasonable, yet cheaper price. Another way is maybe to move with you and the mover if there isn’t a lot of things.

      • I just made a move and did it for under $300. Movers usually charge by the hour, so if you cut their time, you pay less! I packed all of my belongings into boxes and packed as many into my car as possible. The extra heavy and large ones I left down stairs so the movers had easy access to them and didn’t have to take the extra trip up and down in my house. the furniture I needed them to take, I dis assembled myself. some pieces, like a bed take longer as they’ll have to lengthen their time to take apart/keep safe your nice belongings. Lastly I did this in reverse at my new home, I reassembled myself, and just had them place the large furniture where it needed to be and I took care of the rest. Happy moving!

  2. You can save money on movers by using uhaul to transport.

  3. You can save on movers by packing all of your own personal property. When I’ve moved, the movers added the cost of packing materials as part of the total price for moving my belongings. However, by packing it myself, I can save on the total cost! Usually an easy way to save money with regards to obtaining boxes for packing is to go to supermarkets or retail stores and ask the staff if they have any excess boxes. Rarely does a store not have these lying around in the back and the store giving them to you for free will save you from having to buy boxes at Wal-Mart, U-Haul, etc….and thus, save you from getting charged for boxes when the movers pack up your stuff!

  4. I save money on movers by obtaining my own boxes for packing up my belongings. Movers I’ve used in the past would charge for boxes as part of the materials cost for the move. So, I would go to a supermarket or a retail store like Best Buy or Walmart and ask the staff in the back of the store if I could have their excess boxes. They’d give them to me for free and I ended up saving myself from having to buy boxes, which ultimately reduces the total cost of my move because they movers won’t need to charge me for boxes!

  5. To save money while moving, it is important to move things i parts with your little car. loosen screws and nuts of detachable furniture and use your domestic car to move it.
    Also, save boxes of items purchased. It would be very useful when moving.
    Make friend with the boss or important workers in the company, you could get a very reasonable discount, if not free service. Cheers.

    • One way my family has saved money was to hire our family members and rent a moving truck.

  6. One way to save money when moving is to ASK FOR HELP. Should be pretty straight forward, but trying to move big items like TV’s or furniture by yourself can often lead to injury or damages. Having friends or family members assist can save on money that can result from that, and if no one is available, hiring a moving company can greatly reduce or eliminate the chance of injury or damages to property and possessions, since they have so much experience.

  7. I would ask around and find the best company that would have the cheapest price. Also, I would work with them to see if they charge extra to do certain things, such as charging extra for the amount of stairs they would have to go up. I would work out different solutions to bring the cost down.

  8. I save money on moving by checking differing transport sites such as haul and penske. Also getting multiple quotes are key!

  9. I moved four times in two years, and we used different movers every time. Best tip I have is to pack all you stuff up yourself. It takes more time, but it saves you money. You also know, or have some idea of at least, where everything is. My biggest frustration one move was some of my stuff not being done how I wanted. Packing your own stuff let’s you protect what’s important to you and package it in the safest way you can.

  10. I think that the best tip would be to make sure you shop around, and get estimates from many different companies. This way you can make sure you really find the lowest price, but you could also dig a little deeper with the companies by looking for any extra charges they may have. Extra charges for distance or labor and similar things.

  11. Moving is simple and not costly when getting friends or family to help along with the movers. In my experience with moving my mom only paid the movers for 1 hour. We were able to save money and get the job done due to our friends and family with trucks.

  12. Best tips have already been covered:
    1) reduce how much you need to move! Have yard sale, donate what’s left, etc. Only take what you actually need/use/want.
    2) provide your own supplies and pack your own things! You can usually get used boxes on free sites like rooster, nextdoor, craigslist, etc. You could also get them from department stores and friends who are done with them.
    3) get multiple quotes!
    4) read the reviews too— just because they are the cheapest, does not necessarily means they are good!

  13. A good tip to help save money when moving is to ask friends for help. Instead of having to hire a team of guys that will put a hole in your wallet, why not just get some buddies willing to help you. If you happen to need movers then make sure you have everything packed up and ready and just try to find the cheapest option.

  14. My besttips would be to move in the summer, May – September, is going to be roughly 20-30% more expensive. Moving at the end of the month, when renter’s leases turnover, usually is going to be more expensive due to increased demand. Weekend moves can also be pricier, just a rule of thumb.Also, if you’re getting quotes from a lot of different companies and services, it’s imperative sure to write everything down. A lot of people make the mistake of confusing which company offers what and then having unexpected costs. Also, try to get used boxes from liquor stores, groceries, etc. Stores are always throwing away boxes and use existing blankets, pillows as padding and cushion for packing boxes of breakables

  15. I get the BEST price for moving by first comparing my options then calling different companies and try to get them to be competitive in their rates. At the end of the day as long as they handle my possesions with care I will be happy1

  16. It is extremely important to not overextend one’s self financially at the time of a long distance move. Set a budget for the process, and make sure to keep track of all expenses in order to keep the move affordable. I would also recommend looking around the house for boxes that you already have. Most of the time you will find storage containers in places where you didn’t even realize you had them. This will drastically reduce the cost that you otherwise would have spent on new containers. I would recommend hiring a professional company to assist with the move in order to guarantee a successful job, but hire them for the moving part specifically. Ask neighbors, friends, or teenagers in the area, who want to work for a cheaper price than the expensive companies, to help pack all of your belongings so that the movers can easily transport the boxes into the truck and to the next destination.

  17. First, you should always go online and get a list of your local moving companies and check the reviews to see if they are trust worthy. Second, try to talk to a person who has used this company before and see how their experience and the price was for them. Lastly, compare and contrast different companies prices to each others to find the best fit for you.

  18. The best way to save money when hiring a mover would be to look around and evaluate your different options around you. See what price and services will benefit you more. Also look around and see if anyone else you know is moving as well to see if the movers you choose can make a special deal for the other person and yourself.

  19. The best way to save money when hiring movers would be to look around your area and compare the pricing and benefits of each mover. Also ask around and see if anyone else is moving and hire the mover together to see if a good deal could be negotiated.

  20. I save money when moving by reusing all old boxes and using containers I already own to transport my belongings. Not only does it save money but it also better for the environment!

  21. It’s important to be prepared when getting your quote. Know what you have, what you need moved and how far you are going. The more accurate you are means that the company can have a better understanding of what your needs are. Also, ask questions. Ask what any extra costs might be, how many people will be helping with your move and if they have liability insurance.

  22. Ask around to see who friends or relatives used. Many times moving companies have friends & family or referral discounts!

  23. The best way to keep the cost of moving down is to make sure you’re doing what you can by yourself. If you have a truck or trailer, or any vehicle that can transport a majority of your things, then do it yourself! Call up friends and family members to help you load the items and borrowing unused boxes from local businesses can prevent you from having to pay much for them.

  24. If I could offer any advice, it would be to plan ahead. Every move is different, and every mover is different. Sometimes it is best to pack your own items, sometimes having extra help to pack is necessary. One time, we had to move half of our belongings to a new home, while the other half of our items went into storage. This move took enormous logistical planning. Whatever the circumstances, planning ahead will minimize costs and reduce the stress and strain of moving.

  25. Growing up with my father in the military and now being a military spouse, I have moved A LOT in my life. It is so important to declutter before you move. It’s stressful having to unload and find a new place for unnecessary items. Finding family or friends to help out over a weekend is one of the best things you can do. It costs so much extra if the moving company packs up your stuff. You can buy boxes from a store or ask around and see if anyone you know has extras. Do not go with the cheapest movers you can find if they’re not reputable. This could result in some broken furniture and end up costing you more than if you hired someone more expensive.

  26. There are many different resources and websites out there to help you compare moving prices. Take advantage of this. Furthermore, know what your needs are and see which moving company can meet your needs at a resonable price. If its possible, schedule your move when moving services are in low demand. I have also learned from personal expereince that you need to declutter as much as possible when you’re preparing to move! Get rid of that bulky bean bag no one uses, and save space in the truck. That way, you don’t have to pay for a huge truck to haul your belongings, and save money on time and labor. Get rid of the access, unecessary stuff you’ve collected over the years.

  27. There are of course many ways to save money when hiring a moving company. The most important tip I can give is to ask around. Friends and family can be some of your most important resources in saving money. People in general don’t want to overpay and want good service. Also I have found that it is important to know what you’re paying for. There appear to be 3 kinds of moving contracts: binding estimate, non-binding estimate and a non-binding to exceed estimate. Make sure you get a “binding estimate” so you know what is included in the moving services. This way you will get a guaranteed price and get everything in writing that you agree to. My final tip would be to pack your belongings yourself if possible. This will save you the most money!

  28. Best tips I have for saving money on moving is go to wear house stores or liqueur stores to collect boxes for packing your own stuff, buy tissue for packing at the dollar store and plan your move for a week day not weekend.

  29. One way to save on movers is definitely gathering all friends and family who are able to assist you and then determine whether any extra movers are needed. Most of the time, people are able to move by gathering friends and family and renting a uhaul for the day. If movers are needed, then definitely do your research before committing to one is the best advice.

  30. One of the best ways to save money when hiring a mover is shopping around. another is doing most or all of the work yourself. make sure everything is packed up and you take any boxes that can be transported on your own, this will eliminate the labor costs and time of the move.

  31. Save money on movers by making sure to interview good companies and go with your gut. Paying more will many times give you a better experience and better quality workers.

  32. Best tip when hiring a m over, is checking if the mover/company’s reviews, to see how past customer felt about the experience

  33. I save money on movers by reaching out to friends and family to help.

  34. The best way to save money while moving is to do as much as you can possibly do without the help of a mover. If you can sell many of your items in a yard sale, that would be ideal so you have less to pack. In addition, if you pack all of your boxes prior to having the movers come that is also very helpful. You can even ask for the help from friends and family members!

  35. When we moved houses, my family saved money by asking our families and friends to help us move furniture. We also rented a U-Haul to transfer our things by ourselves.

  36. A way to save money when hiring a mover is to pack up your belongings in a number of bags that can be transported to your new location in a single trip

  37. A great way to save money is to get your own packing materials and pack up what you can. A friend ours had recently moved and gave us a ton of boxes for our move which helped us save a lot.

  38. The best way to save money when hiring a mover is to check as many websites as possible to compare the price. Maybe the review from this company is better than others. This way you can hire a mover to help you and without paying too much money.

  39. The earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to gather cheap or free moving supplies. You’ll also have more time to get rid of things you don’t need to move. Many expenses during the moving process come from last minute purchases due to unpreparedness.

  40. You can save money on moving by hiring college students to help you move furniture rather than professionals, as college students will be cheaper to hire.

  41. Let them know exactly what you want to move! Sometimes, if you explain well, moving companies will see that you may not need as long an amount of time or as much space in the moving truck than you expected.

  42. Here are a few unique tips of how to save money when moving:
    1) Pack your belongs yourself, and use towels as packing material. You can also use socks for small things.
    2) Look for multiple quotas and use coupons. Also, ask about fees and see whether the company potentially does price matching.
    3) Try and move in the middle of the week, many people do not move at that time so the price may be lower.
    4) When moving, keep the most important things (do not hang on things you do not need) and sell the rest on online platforms or have a good old yard sale.
    5) Also, sell the boxes when you have completed your moving process.

  43. To save money when moving I suggest asking family members or friends to help move. I asked my sisters brothers and parents to help us move and while I offered money most family members and friends are just happy to help!:)

  44. The best ways to save money are to use newspapers, such as green sheets or asking neighbors/friends for the newspaper to save money on packing material. You can also storage the boxes that were used for moving in case you have to move again. That way you don’t have to spend money on boxes. You can also use shirts as packing cushion material, for example, fragile items, such as using the shirts to wrap plates/dishes. Also, you can save by using socks to wrap your cups/glassware instead of spending money on bubble wrap and packing foam. You can stuff items inside other items to make more space for other items and have additional boxes left over. For example, putting socks/underwear inside shoes or seasonings inside pot and pans. Having space saves money on buying boxes and faster time for movers to move your things.

  45. First you need to know that if you are doing a local move (less than 100 miles), the company will charge you per hour. If you are doing a long-distance move (more than 100 miles), they will charge you based on either weight (pounds) or volume (cubic feet). You also need to be aware that if the company is packing for you, they will charge you according to the supplies and the time it takes them. Materials aren’t included in the estimate. Also, “stair carries” (# of flights, steps, turns) can add to cost. Liability and validation coverage are the types of protection that can add up. Get quotes from at least 3 companies. Check the reviews of companies by looking at and the BBB websites.

  46. You can save money on movers by moving all the little things in your own car. Get an Uhaul and make sure while moving to throw the things you will not need. Also, make sure to box your stuffs by yourself with the help of your family or friends.

  47. You can save money on movers by taking all of your little things in your own car with you. Get an uhaul and make sure to throw all the things you will not need. Also, when packing make sure to get help from your family or friends.

  48. There are so many ways to save money while moving, being a full time college student I am constantly moving from school to back home and I have learned the best way to handle a move is to have as much hands as possible with the help of your family and friends! There is also student discounts offered at certain uhaul’s for students which has been very helpful and I know I have personally benefited from it in the past. Also, since for college, you know when you will be moving home it is very helpful to move a little bit at a time. So I will slowly bring my stuff home during different breaks. During thanksgiving break I bring home things I don’t need, winter break I bring home my holiday things and then spring break I bring home all the cold weather clothes I no longer need! Moving is a big part of college and there are definitely a bunch of little tricks you can do to help!

  49. Being a college student and living on campus, I am constantly moving back and forth. That being said I have learned a lot of things about moving! The first of which is having help is key, friends and family can be a huge help! Especially if they have an extra car to help move things. There are also a lot of discounts students can get from different moving companies to help, I know specifically Uhaul offers great discounts that I have personally used myself. Also, in college, you know when you will having to be moving. That being said, you are able to move your things little by little when you go home for different breaks. So for thanksgiving I bring home anything I don’t need, winter break I bring home all my holiday things, and spring break I bring home all of my winter clothes. All of these things have been very effective for me and I hope it’ll be helpful for someone else!

  50. One of the best ways to get the best price and highest quality moving company is to ask for recommendations within your community. Personal experiences can help guide you to the best company. Always get 3 quotes, and if the company you choose is not the least expensive of the three, ask if they can match the cost of the other movers. Always clear out excess or unwanted items, as there is no need to transport these items to your new home. And, unless the company does not allow or you do not feel comfortable doing this, you can pack boxes yourself, especially things that are not fragile, prior to the arrival of the moving truck.

  51. One tip on how to save money when moving is to ask for friends and family to help instead of movers. My aunt recently moved, and she asked several family members, including my sister, parents, and I, to help her. Her parents also helped, as well as neighbors and some of her friends and their kids. With the amount of help she had, as well as vehicles to help transport her belongings, she was able to save a great deal of money.

  52. The BEST way to save money when moving is to 1. Begin by moving as much stuff as you can on your own, reach out to a family or friend(s) who have one or many large vehicles, pile in as much stuff as you can, while still being able to drive safely your self. 2.Through completing #1 there should only be left the large items that you can not fit into your own for a friends vehicle to move, this will reduce greatly how much you are paying the movers to move. 3. compare rates to other companies, check to see how they charge (hourly, by truck, man power, or items) 4. Before moving go through your belongings and get rid of or donate anything that you don’t want or need anymore, don’t pay to have items you don’t want moved. Finally 5. Don’t go for big corporate companies, they don’t care for customer service and are more likely to over charge you. By choosing a local small business company you are betters your city or town by reinvesting in it and you are more likely to be able to negotiate or get a deal in the future.

  53. Moving does not have to be expensive. To save as much money as possible it is important when hiring a mover find the most affordable movers and read as many reviews of the mover’s services that way you know your valuables will be safe and intact when transporting them to your new home.

  54. When I was moving from Georgia to Wisconsin, in order to save money on movers, we received help from friends and family to move my objects. I am still grateful to this day for my friends and family offering to help with such a long distance move.

  55. The best tips that I would suggest that would help save money while moving, is to pack light because, the more items you bring the more charges that are associated. Also, this gives you a chance to give or throw away any unnecessary items that may be brought to the new house/apartment. Another tip would be comparing moving services because, all moving companies are unique in their own way, including their prices, so having a pen and paper and listing qualities/ quantities regarding each service could narrow down your preference.

  56. You could save money by asking friends and family for help moving, you could donate things you don’t need. It would be ideal to pack small essential items with you when you move to a new location instead of having the movers move it. If you do hire movers you should pack all your boxes prior to them coming which would save time and be helpful. Also double check expenses and costs and compare them with other moving companies, to find a cheaper price and/or check if you aren’t being charged more.

  57. if you are moving definitely you will need help …and who can do it better than professionals. You have no headache, they will handle with care your stuff and you don’t have to worry that something will brake. They are there for you for the heavy lifting. And if the price if whats worrying you , consider that they are doing a hard job, and that you are not spending every day on moving but once in a long time.And that’s another side to it , if you ask to family and friends you will owe one to them to , so you have to help them when they move doing the heavy lifting for them , but with movers you are headache free is a one time open ended transaction.
    So consider it when you are going to move is one of you best choices , headache free, fast and they handle with care your stuff.

  58. When it comes to moving you definitely need someone to do the heavy lifting , someone to handle your stuff with care. And who can help you better than movers. Of course you might say family and friends, but of course they are going to ask you the same favor in the future so are you willing to do the heavy lifting for them , and are you going to be that careful so you don’t break that vase when moving.So movers comes to you with the best service one time payment and headache free.And consider these when it comes to a point when you think oh is expensive , they are doing a hard job and you are moving once or twice in a lifetime , is a one time cost not a cost that you are going to do every time. So be headache free and hire movers, its going to make your life easier.

  59. Staying organized during a move is so important. During the last move I made I had color coded stickers for each room of my house that I would put on the outside of my boxes. It made unpacking everything so much easier!

  60. The best way to save money while moving is to do it yourself.

  61. I’d say a good way to get the best price from a moving company is to try to get them to match or compete with the price of another company, and be persistent.

  62. I’d say a good way to get the best price from a moving company is to try to get them to match or compete with the price of another company, and be persistent

  63. The best tip for moving is proper planning. Plan out every detail the best you can. The first step in planning is creating a budget in order to be able to finance your plan. Once a budget is established you can determine how you are going to move. You can do it all yourself, you can hire a company to do everything, or you can have a mix of partial work between doing it yourself and a moving company. Once you plan out if you are hiring a moving company then you need to plan out what all from your home is moving with you. I have moved over half a dozen times do to my Marine Corps service and every move I realize I have plenty of items to either sell, or donate to charity. Once you have these other details planned out next you need to plan out dates and times to make the deadlines of your move. Proper planning when moving is a necessity that can not be replaced.

  64. Just because someone quotes you the “best” price, doesn’t mean it’s actually a good deal. I recently learned this the hard way. I went on and got ~ 10 quotes. I took the lowest price, but I ended up paying more for moving supplies than actual labor! You should always ask for two quotes: one for labor and one for supplies. This way you won’t get ripped off!

  65. The best way to get the best price on a moving company is to shop around and do your research. Make sure to check the companies reviews and pricing before making a decision. You can also ask relative and friends to help you move and make sure to pack everything beforehand to avoid any fees or extra charges.

  66. I save money by asking for student discount, sometimes moving companies would have collaboration with universities to help students moving in/out of dorms. It is also a stable business strategy that comes with steady cash flow for moving companies. Same can be applied to industries other than school, such as apartment management office, retail companies etc.

  67. One way my family members save money is to hire each other for a low, yet reasonable price.

    (I don’t know where my comment went)

  68. Don’t be shy to ask for help(friends, local teens, family) and afraid of what other people might think! Recently when I moved, my mom used cereal boxes, grocery bags, cardboard boxes from the recycling bin, old food containers, etc, every little thing comes in handy, and at the end of the day, it is all about saving money(you really save a couple of bucks). Besides, if people make fun of you for moving, just know that it’s temporary, keep positive.

  69. The best way to save money on movers is to ask friends and family for help first. If they can’t help, compare prices of multiple movers and compare to find the best price.

  70. The best way to save money is to ask friends and family for help first. If they can’t help, its best to then just find multiple movers and compare prices.

  71. The best way to save money while moving is to take the time to learn about the business. There are many businesses out there that offer similar services. Luckily in 2020 we have the internet. Through the internet figure out which company suites you and your families financial needs. Don’t break the bank when moving, save the money for the new place you get to call home!

  72. Just ask. A lot of people have gone through the same thing and they’re understanding. Ask for help and they’ll do their best to make the transition easy.

  73. In order to save money while moving, doing as much as you can by yourself or with the help of family members and friends is key. Most of the time the people that are closest to you want to help you and seek nothing in return in terms of money. This is kind of a double win because you get to move for cheaper while also getting to spend some time with your friends or family.

  74. Make sure you try your best to reduce your load by clearing our the stuff that you no longer want anymore because the more stuff the bigger heartache.

  75. How to get the best price from moving company? The best way to get the best price from a moving company is to contract out the companies truck. You utilize friend and family to pack and move your items. You save on labor and moving fees.

  76. The best way to save money while moving is to get as much of your close family that will help for no cost. Then, if you still need help, compare different quotes and decide which is the best.

  77. Organize your belongings into “must take” an “maybe we don’t take” piles. You could even go full Marie Kondo–only pack the things that bring you joy! Lightening the load will save you money in the long run. What you don’t take you can sell or donate!
    You can also ask local grocery or liquor stores for free boxes! Every bit saved counts!
    But most importantly–do you research and READ REVIEWS! Some moving companies are cheaper but can’t ensure your things will always arrive in one piece. Other places are the complete opposite. Really dig into those reviews to get the best bang for your buck.

  78. The best way to get the best price in my opinion is to first shop around and compare quotes then use those quotes to choose what services you actually need. For example, if you only need the company to move big items and things you can’t transport yourself, do that. There’s no need to spend extra money having a company pack up your whole house when you can get family and friends to help.

  79. One way to save on long distance moving is to box your items yourself. Paying for the company to box your items does give you some insurance things won’t get broken, but it cost you a pretty penny. When we moved from Washington to Dallas, we took a lot of time to carefully wrap all glass items and pictures. This saved us hundreds.

  80. A good tip for new movers is reducing the need for smaller boxes and use bigger ones to get everything out easier. Some movers do charge by the hour so the easier the job is, the more money you save.

  81. With the help of friends and family, you can start moving small boxes gradually. Ask around for a moving company that offer good services to its customers and negotiate prices with them. Keep the moving company informed of your move-in date at any time so that they can plan properly.

  82. One good tip for anybody trying to get the best price they could from a mover is to try and move as much as you can yourself. When you have lots of smaller items that you can easily move yourself in your own vehicle, Then you can save a ton of money. Personally, my family tries to save as much money as we can so when we moved we did a lot of moving small items an boxes ourselves. The less the movers have to take and move, the more money you can keep in your pocket.

  83. Tip for saving on moving: Get three quotes from three different moving companies. Then pick the one that offers the most value. Not necessarily the cheapest one but the one that’ll do the most for their money. Good movers are worth their weight in gold!

  84. A tip for saving some money on moving would be to book early! By scheduling well-ahead of the date you plan to move, you can avoid last-minute booking fees. Booking well in advance also allows you to find out what days/times to move may be cheaper than others.

  85. Tip: Move during winter months or “slower” seasons. This will have a high effect on the price of moving due to the fact that “slower” seasons have lesser demand and in turn makes the price of moving cheaper.

  86. Unpack a box to find useless clutter. Go to hang up your clothes and realize you never even wear half of this apparel. When people move, they get to their new house and they think “new house, new things!” They start purging a whole bunch of their old belongings because the objects either do not fit with the aesthetic or size of the new home or because they are suddenly going through things for the first time in forever as they unpack. The trick to saving money while in the process of moving is to go through and get rid of these items BEFORE you move so you don’t have to move as many boxes. This can be easily done if you pack the boxes yourself because you’re going through it all anyways. This brings us to a second major cost-saver, pack the boxes yourself! All the supplies you need are at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. If you do it yourself, you can also be absolutely certain they were packed properly and to your standards.

  87. One way is to offer them an incentive of food that they will die for. Also, to have family and friends help out to make the job go faster. Who can deny home cooked food?!

  88. One tip for saving money when hiring a mover is comparing prices to see how much you can save if you choose to move on a week day instead of the weekend.

  89. Pack the smaller things in your own vehicle to save yourself a few bucks you’ll have to drive to the new place yourself anyways may as well take a load with you.

  90. Save Money by doing as much packing yourself as you can! Use clothing to cushion dishes and breakables instead of papers

  91. Speaking from experience from when I moved out for the summer, the best way to be cost efficient and save money on moving is to compare the prices for various companies in your area to get the best rates.

  92. Depending on the proximity of the move and the moving company, tips may vary in accuracy. Some movers will charge “last-minute” fees for booking the services too close to the moving date. To avoid this, schedule a moving date well in advance and book the movers then! Along with this, many movers appreciate the customers that are able to be flexible with their moving times and dates. Some movers may even lower their quoted prices, especially if they ask for a change in date or time. Large items and heavy loads may end in fees and higher moving prices, so it would be wise to ask friends or family to help move what you can before hand. Sell anything that you do not need in the move. Pack your belongings yourself! Movers can be pricey if they are asked to pack your items as well. Remember, it does not hurt to try to negotiate. While it may not always help, some movers may find your logic reasonable and drop the price for you.

  93. Tip for saving: Move during the slow months (generally the winter), pack your own boxes to avoid extra fees for packing services, move heavy or large objects yourself or with the help of family and friends, book early to avoid last-minute fees, have a flexible schedule because movers may decrease their quoted price for allowing changes in the schedule, compare companies before committing to one mover, only take the items you truly need at the new place, and remember that negotiating won’t hurt, even if it does not help.

  94. A good way to save money while moving is taking large furniture apart and fitting as much in your car as you can, this way you can save on a trailer by getting a smaller one.

  95. I worked as a receptionist at a moving service for a while, so I would field a lot of questions on how to save money and cut down the cost of a move. A smart way to save while moving is getting multiple quotes. Different companies have different rates, however try to choose companies that offer free estimates. Paying for an estimate may not seem like a lot, but if you’re shopping around, it can add up. Packing and moving things yourself can bring down the cost as well, and just have the professionals handle the large/bulky or fragile items. This is important because most estimates are given based on the size truck the company will need. If they need a smaller truck for only furniture pieces, your cost will come down.

  96. I worked as a receptionist at a moving service for a while, so I fielded a lot of questions about how to lower the cost of a move. Getting multiple quotes is a good way to do your move for less. However, find companies that offer a free estimate. It may only seem like a small fee, but if you are shopping around, the fees can add up. Packing your personal items yourself can also help bring down the cost. Companies usually offer packing, but it comes at a price. Let the professionals handle the large/bulky items and pack as much as you can yourself. Additionally, only take the essentials. Cleaning out unused clothes and items can decrease the amount that you will be taking. Most companies make estimates based on the size of the truck they will need. A smaller truck means a smaller price. Many moving companies are partnered with non-profits (like that will donate your non-perishable food items, so you don’t have to take them with you.

  97. The best way to save money is to shop around, be prepared by pre-packaging items, and taking what you need.

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