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The issue of tipping movers can be subjective, depending on who you ask and when to tip. Some industry experts say tipping a percentage of what the total expense of your move is a good rule of thumb. Others say tipping at all is a bad idea. In either case, consider this before you make your move.

There are many different tipping advice on the Internet. Some are just not worth the time or effort to read. These include suggestions like tipping by a dollar at one location and $.20 at another. When it comes to tipping movers, these suggestions are just that: Suggestions.

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On average, people tip movers 5%-10%, or between $50 – $200. Click here for a deeper breakdown on tipping movers.

Some people have the misconception that they should give more to local movers than to someone from out of town. This is not the case. Local movers are expected to receive a lower tipping percentage than out of town movers. The only time it is acceptable to give more is if it means you will receive more value for your money. When your business will get paid for the time and effort spent, you won’t see any real benefit from a more generous tip.

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You may be able to tip more to certain circumstances. For example, if you are moving several cars and will be given an estimate, a large tip will show that you expect the company to give you a fair estimate, even if they don’t.

A good thing to do if you are planning on tipping at all is to check with the company. There are some who offer gratuities, but most have guidelines. There are some rules in place that need to be followed.

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Another good idea is to find a couple of companies you like and ask them how much to leave for their services (assuming they meet your expectations). This way you will know what to leave and how much to take home.

This may be the best advice when it comes to taking home extra tips, as you will know exactly what to leave for those items. And knowing what to leave can help you avoid situations where you get charged for leaving items behind, which is a common practice in some cities.

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The amount of money that you tip is also important. Some people feel they deserve more than others and tipping a larger percentage can show that you prefer them over another company.

If you can’t make a scheduled time for tipping your moving company, then you need to find someone who can and plan on it ahead of time.

If you plan on leaving tips at a moving company, be aware that you can’t just leave anything at the front desk. You have to make sure that there are no surprises left behind, including food, jewelry, and even personal effects that can not be taken.


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